Fans Are Remembering Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man Sized Hollywood Star

Paul-Rudd-as-Ant-Man-and-Avengers-Infinity-War (1)

Everyone’s favorite ageless Hollywood actor Paul Rudd has been in the movie game a long time, but fans are in a tizzy over the time he got a special little honor from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While most actors only get a star in the ground, Rudd, who stars in the Marvel movie Ant-Man, received something extra. Along with his normal star he was given a smaller, cuter star in honor of the movie. An ant-sized star, if you will.

It’s a testament to Rudd’s popularity that Rudd’s tiny star was trending on Reddit six years after he received it. Most commenters made references to his general likability, humility, and star power.

Tons of fans came together to share their thoughts on the star, both on the walk and in the picture.

Some people offered some humorous quips on the situation.

Though one user did decide to lay down a bit of trash talk…

Others were quick to defend Rudd and his role.

Paul Rudd’s next big Marvel film, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, is scheduled for a February 17th, 2023 release.