Fans argue that ‘Fantastic Four’ has the most realistic superhero costumes

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One of the hottest debates to emerge from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four so far has nothing to do with a major character introduction, action sequence, or storyline development, but a throwaway line of dialogue from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

A massive can of online worms were opened when Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson revealed that the Avengers didn’t earn a wage for saving the universe, with Tony Stark’s generosity only extending so far as to provide them all with nifty superhero suits, advanced technology, modes of transport, and a place to live.

However, it turns out that Tim Story’s Fantastic Four hit that particular canonical minefield in the head way back in 2005, with a viral tweet arguing that the movie actually features the single most realistic depiction of how costumed crimefighters would make their money in the real world.

It’s an incredibly valid point when you put even a little bit of thought into it, given that virtually every major sports team, athlete, and/or celebrity either wears kit and clothing emblazoned with company logos, or lends their services to commercials, endorsements, and advertisements.

Story’s candy-colored Fantastic Four duology isn’t exactly held in the highest of regard by either critics of Marvel enthusiasts, but it’s funny to think that a burning question from the MCU that sparked a weeks-long Twitter debate (that even Mackie himself wound up weighing into) had already been tackled in a roundabout way almost two decades prior, and as part of a one-and-done gag no less.

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