Fans Blast Vin Diesel Using Paul Walker’s Name To Beg Dwayne Johnson For Fast & Furious Return

the fast and the furious

Vin Diesel has extended the most unlikely of olive branches to former Fast & Furious co-star Dwayne Johnson, which comes months after the erstwhile Luke Hobbs severed ties with the main timeline of the action franchise, driven largely by his complete and utter lack of enthusiasm towards the prospect of working with Diesel ever again.

Johnson didn’t officially confirm his exit from The Fast Saga until after he’d heard the longtime Dominic Toretto claim that their fallout was entirely deliberate, caused by Diesel’s desire to bring the best performance out of his opposite number. However, The Rock clearly wasn’t interested in smelling what Vin was cooking.

Instead, the patriarch of cinema’s favorite found family issued a plea on his Instagram account, which comes perilously close to outright groveling. As you can see below, some fans aren’t happy with the 54 year-old using the names of Paul Walker and his own children as a bargaining chip.

Whether or not Diesel’s intentions came straight from the heart, it’s a little uncomfortable to see him use a promise he made to the late Walker, who was also a friend of Johnson’s, in an attempt to get him to reverse his decision and return to Fast & Furious for the grand two-part finale.