Fans Can’t Decide Which MCU Film They’d ‘Do-Over’ If They Could Only Tackle One

Avengers: Endgame

While most of Marvel’s movies to date have been hits, there are those that weren’t taken to so kindly by fans or critics alike. In a universe with so many beloved films would you be able to select a single movie to do-over completely?

This is the question Marvel fans on Reddit are debating at the moment and there are plenty of films coming up that fans appear to believe could use some work.

There are 25 films released in the MCU to date and with such a large roster it’s no surprise there have been details that fans weren’t the fondest of. Some of these include the storyline choices in films like Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, and Black Widow among other films.

Here is some of what fans had to say when posed the question of which MCU needs a rework the most.

So, if you only got to choose one, which Marvel movie would you do-over?