Fans celebrate Benedict Cumberbatch amid new photoshoot, banner film year

Fans were raving about Benedict Cumberbatch Thursday following a new batch of photos from publication NME.

The actor, set to star in Spider-Man: No Way Home out soon, already had a ton of eyes on him. Now, his striking poses and excellent fashion choices have even more eyes on him than ever before.

It won’t be a surprise for some that the actor’s new stoic pics are causing him to trend on Twitter, since the man has been absolutely dominating Hollywood this year in particular, with eclectic roles that include The Power of the Dog, The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, The Mauritanian, and of course his return as Marvel favorite Doctor Strange in the forthcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home.

One lucky fan even got a glimpse of the actor at an apparent Q&A for The Power of the Dog Wednesday evening, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t just a little jealous.

Another die hard fan was gracious enough to put together a compilation of the actor sitting in various photos over the years. A thrilling saga indeed.

We also got an interesting anecdote from Late Night with Seth Meyers about how Cumberbatch is apparently still trying to grow as a person and correct past mistakes. Specifically, he reconnected with an actress he pushed off stage as a child during a school play. Never too late to make amends, we suppose.

This all comes amid the hype surrounding the forthcoming film Benedict is slated to star in by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Jane Campion, The Power of the Dog, which is in theaters now and will hit Netflix Dec. 1. For such an esteemed roster of talent, we reckon it’s only right this film gets attention amid all the Cumberbatch mania, too.

Can you give us your ranking of top 10 Benedict Cumberbatch films? Leave it in the comments below.