Fans celebrate ‘Iron Man 3’, because it’s definitely a Christmas movie

iron man 3 christmas

Now that fans have finished Hawkeye, with the six-episode festive romp now in the rear-view mirror, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are now turning their attention to the franchise’s other Yuletide favorite.

Disney appears to be ignoring the indisputable fact that Iron Man 3 is definitely a Christmas movie by not including it on the various holiday-themed playlists and collections available on the platform, but when director Shane Black and producer Kevin Feige are in full agreement that it is, we’re not going to argue.

As you can see from the reactions below, MCU fans are unanimous in their belief that Iron Man 3 is a modern Christmas classic, as it completes its annual cycle as a hot topic of conversation on Twitter.

While it isn’t quite as nauseatingly all-encompassing as the Die Hard debate, which was also cleared up by no less an authority than director John McTiernan, if the architect of the MCU says Iron Man 3 is a Christmas film, then you’ve really got no other option than to take him at his word.

Everything Shane Black touches has tinsel positively dripping out of every frame, so the Iron Man 3 argument isn’t really much of an argument at all, regardless of what the Disney Plus algorithm seems to think.