Avengers: Infinity War Even Gave Thor’s Facial Hair An Arc


Captain America may have copied Thor’s beard in Avengers: Infinity War, but he could never recreate the epic emotional journey that the God of Thunder’s facial hair has undergone in these last seven years.

It’s an arc that was celebrated by a recent Reddit post as one of the great multi-movie sagas of the franchise. To emphasize the difference between the son of Odin’s look in 2011’s Thor and Infinity War, the user has placed both images side-by-side, and hoo boy is it a contrast.

Check it out below:

While the blonde eyebrows and beard may have matched the campier tone of the Kenneth Branagh-helmed origin story, most of us would agree that this was a change for the better. Earlier this year, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige even singled out this early dye job as his biggest MCU regret, telling Uproxx the following:

“Definitively, the one thing I would definitely do differently if I had to do it over again, is we would not have dyed Chris Hemsworth’s eyebrows blond in the first Thor.”

“Because we were like, Thor is blond! He has to be blond! And Hemsworth was great and awesome and pulled it off, but there are a couple of shots I watch and I’m like, oh my God, that poor guy, we made him freaking dye his eyebrows! That’s ridiculous! And I can laugh about it now because Hemsworth is Thor and he doesn’t need long hair, or a cape, or a hammer, or two eyeballs to be Thor.”

Sure enough, though audiences were pleasantly surprised by the first Thor movie – so much so that we were willing to overlook the weirdness unfolding on Hemsworth’s face – there’s no denying that the character has come a long way. Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War in particular saw him dealing with some pretty heavy issues, including the loss of his father, brother, and home world.

Chris Hemsworth, his beard, and his eyebrows will be assembling once more for Avengers 4, out on May 3rd, 2019, and here’s hoping that the Russo Brothers can give Thor and his facial hair the Phase 3 climax they deserve.