Fans Celebrate Planes, Trains And Automobiles As The Perfect Thanksgiving Movie

Planes trains automobiles

There aren’t many truly great movies about Thanksgiving, but John Hughes’ ‘80s comedy Planes, Trains and Automobiles can be counted among them, if not right at the very top of the list. Viewing it at this time of year is an annual tradition for a lot of people, who have been taking to social media to celebrate their eternal affection for it.

The plot sees stressed marketing executive Neal (Steve Martin) attempt to travel home to Chicago for Thanksgiving after a fruitless business meeting in New York, only for a series of mishaps to result in him having to take a circuitous route using the various titular modes of transportation with talkative travelling salesman Del (John Candy), the pair bickering and eventually bonding during their chaotic journey.

Below you find just a small fraction of the declarations of love for the holiday classic that have cropped up this past week as tons of people have taken to rewatching it.

Planes trains automobiles

As well as the outpouring of affection, a mini-documentary has pieced together how the film might have looked if the large amount of the stuff that was shot but went unused was restored, using the shooting script, stills and deleted material to point out where the cuts were made and how some moments have greater weight when linked to the removed events. In particular, it highlights a few poignant scenes that demonstrate how difficult the holiday can be for people who are lonely.

There are few examples of films that are just about perfect, but Planes, Trains and Automobiles might be one. It’s a comedy without an ounce of spite or malice that stars two legendary actors at the height of their power and fame and celebrates the sense of togetherness that the spirit of Thanksgiving has always been about, and is a movie that will forever remain a favorite for people who embrace its message.