Fans celebrate the 21st anniversary of ‘Shrek’, proving that the years truly don’t stop coming

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A certain generation found out what it is to feel old as Shrek, the ogre-rated animated smash that spawned a billion-dollar franchise, turned 21. Starring comedy titans Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy as the titular grouchy ogre and his chatterbox sidekick Donkey respectively, the film took the beloved children’s book by William Steig and added the magical ingredients of pop culture references and fart jokes and became a staple of households where parents needed something to put in the DVD player to keep their kids quiet.

And if a beloved animated classic is entering adulthood, you’d better believe that the party started on Twitter and people came to get turnt.

There were many, many, many Tweets pointing out that if the movie Shrek was a person living in the United States, it would now be old enough to legally drink:

This person has one person and one person only that they want to celebrate Shrek Day with, and it’s the star of Jack & Jill who isn’t Adam Sandler:

There has never been a more appropriate time to share Shrek’s cameo in Mike Myers’ live-action Netflix series, The Pentaverate:

And some Millennials are just plain in denial. Sorry, Ashleigh, time’s steady progress marks only decay for us all:

One pop culture blog only wants to celebrate Shrek’s opening in a specific theatre in Los Angeles:

While this guy is hedging his bets, just in case someone on Twitter comes at him with a firm correction that at one theater in Des Moines there was a water main break that delayed the opening of Shrek:

While another user pointed out that Shrek is as old today as Star Wars: A New Hope was on its release. Unfortunately, Star Wars was released in 1974, and Shrek was released in 2001, not 1998. The point? It’s fun to dunk on people on the Internet:

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