Fans Cower Before The Meg In This Awesome New Trailer


“You guys ever seen Shark Week?”

A group of fans and budding YouTubers cower before The Meg in this awesome new teaser trailer for Jon Turteltaub’s giant shark thriller.

Said to be the cheesiest summer blockbuster on the 2018 calendar, The Meg pits Jason Statham’s deep sea diver against a prehistoric shark, and if that isn’t enough to have you lining up on day one, we don’t know what will. Pitched as a loose adaptation of Steve Alten’s “Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror,” this deep-sea thriller begins by unleashing a 70-foot megalodon shark from an underwater fissure – think Piranha, only much, much worse – and doesn’t let up.

Among the human cast for The Meg are Ruby Rose of John Wick: Chapter 2 fame, along with Heroes star Masi Oka and Rainn Wilson, who’s perhaps best known for his turn on The Office. He appears to be adding some much-needed comic relief here, too, and it’ll be interesting to see how his character plays off the gruff, ultra-macho Statham.

Mind you, the Fast and Furious alum was forced to overcome his fear of water while working on The Meg, and describes Jon Turteltaub’s giant shark thriller as one of the toughest sets he’s ever had the pleasure of working on.

I’ve always been afraid of water, but one of my scenes required me to be put in a cage five or six meters underwater, and I had to hold my breath for a very long time. We had to reshoot the scene again and again and I felt like I was going to die. When they took me out of the water, the director came to compliment me, but I was too weak to speak, then he started to fear that I was really close to death.

The Meg breaches the surface and chomps its way into theaters on August 10th – just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

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