Fans debate the greatest Christmas horror film of all time online

Image via Warner Bros.

Christmas is considered the happiest time of the year for many but not everybody likes to feed those feelings all the time. Over the years, there have been a litany of Christmas-themed horror movies to come out. It’s not a holiday that should work with a horror setting but fans can’t get enough Christmas horror movies. They are pretty chilling, though.

With the big day closing in, fans on Reddit have started to discuss which Christmas horror movie is best.

1984’s Gremlins is certainly one of the most iconic horror movies ever regardless of Christmas. However, that is more of a silly farce than a terrifying experience. On the other side of things is 1974’s Black Christmas, which is the iconic Christmas slasher. 2015’s Krampus is somewhere in between as there is certainly some comedy and fun scenes while also having scary elements.

Those aforementioned films are popular but there are also some lesser-known movies getting love. One fan pointed out A Christmas Horror Story and Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale as some of the best.

A Christmas Horror Story is an anthology film while Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is a wild Finnish film that features buff Santa Claus. Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas horror movie season if Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 didn’t get a shoutout. It’s considered one of the great bad movies ever and features the iconic “garbage day” line.

There are actually a lot of great Christmas horror movies out there. Some indies that deserve recognition are I Trapped The Devil, The Lodge, and Hosts. That said, all three of those movies are dark and moody. They are not for those looking for a fun Christmas romp with horror elements.