Fans Debate Whether Disney Canceled Tim Allen From Toy Story Spinoff Lightyear


With the release of the first trailer for Pixar and Disney’s spinoff film Lightyear being released this week, some fans have wondered why Tim Allen is not returning to voice the beloved Buzz Lightyear. Instead, the part will be played by Chris Evans. And it seems, at least on Twitter anyway, that some are pointing to political motivations for the star not being tapped to return for the role.

While this theory seems to be popular in some circles on the social media site, it’s important to note that the Lightyear film does not center on the same character from the previous Toy Story installments. Instead, it focuses on the “real” Buzz and follows his journey from a novice test pilot to the most celebrated Ranger working for Star Command. So, in terms of having a diegetic explanation for the casting switch up, there does appear to at least be justification for it.

Some are simply taking to Twitter to mock the entire “controversy,” if you can call it that.

And there were plenty of others who have imagined Tim Allen will return for the film but in the form of the voice of the toy, which is fun to think about.

It’s also important to note that Buzz’s voice has been changed in the past, as in when Patrick Warburton took up the role for the animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. In addition, Toy Story 5 may be a real possibility in the future—though nothing has been officially announced by Disney on that—which means Allen returning to the role of Buzz may also potentially still happen as well.

I guess we’ll all collectively find out whether Allen will make a cameo as the Buzz action figure when Lightyear rockets into theaters on June 17, 2022.