Fans desperately want Henry Cavill back after cryptic DCEU Superman cameo

Henry Cavill as Superman
Image via Warner Bros.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Peacemaker episode eight.

Following a certain cameo appearance of some members of the Justice League in the DC Extended Universe Thursday, Superman fans are once again hoping the executives at Warner Bros. will listen to their calls to bring Henry Cavill back as the character.

James Gunn’s season finale for Peacemaker saw Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman show up to lend a hand to John Cena’s Peacemaker to assist him in his mission to save the world, albeit too little, too late.

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While Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller showed up in person for their cameos of Aquaman and The Flash, respectively, both Superman and Wonder Woman only appeared in silhouette. This led many fans to once again express their dissatisfaction that Cavill is apparently no longer in the DCEU.

Unlike Ray Fisher’s Cyborg or Ben Affleck’s Batman, Cavill has not closed the door on the possibility of returning as Superman on his side of the aisle. Indeed, he has indicated he’s still waiting for the call from WB and has the costume at the ready. But with two Superman projects reportedly in the works, and no word yet from DC, it seems likely the franchise will be moving forward without the actor, despite being a fan favorite.

One Twitter user poked fun at WB’s apparent dislike of showing Superman’s face at all in recent years.

Another Cavill fan couldn’t help but feel bad for the actor, who has been ready and willing to return as the blue-suited boy scout for years now, only for WB to continuously use a stand-in, instead.

Other comic book movie fans understandably expressed frustration at WB’s apparent silence on the matter. Whether it’s Cavill or someone else who will take up the red cape, they just want closure one way or another.

With an impending merger of WB and Discovery in the works, that could cause the future of the DCEU to change course as well. The newly enlarged company will now be overseen by a new CEO, Discovery’s David Zaslov. Here’s hoping whoever becomes in charge of the comic book film franchise going forward will come to their senses and extend to Cavill his long-awaited invitation back as Superman.

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