The Internet Is Roasting The New Monster Hunter Trailer

Monster Hunter

The first official trailer for Sony Pictures’ upcoming Monster Hunter film is here and, as wholly expected, fans have responded by giving the creature feature a fierce roasting online.

For those not in the know, this is the latest flick being directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, a name that’s essentially become synonymous with live-action video game adaptations. Beginning with Mortal Kombat back in 1995, Anderson has brought several other franchises from the medium, including DOA: Dead or Alive (producer only) and, most notably, Resident Evil, to the big screen, all of which have garnered mixed receptions from fans and critics alike. The latter, in particular, has often been criticized in the past for playing too fast and loose, so to speak, with the source material, by changing or completely omitting key events or details from Capcom’s beloved survival horror series to fit a different vision.

Creative freedom is important in any artistic medium, of course, though it seems Monster Hunter is destined to garner a similar reputation to that of Anderson’s existing filmography. That’s if initial reactions over on social media are anything to go by, at least, which largely involve excitement over the film’s incredible visual effects being juxtaposed against overwhelming negativity towards dialogue and a derivative premise.

References to the MCU have been labelled by many as being nonsensical.

The simple truth, according to one Twitter user.

Some people think fans should go into theaters with an open mind and hold off on being critical.

Meanwhile, cutting edge visual effects are all that’s needed to convince some moviegoers.

Many are pointing out Paul W.S. Anderson’s predictable formula.

Still, it’s all about the monsters for a lot of people.

And here are a few more reactions, just for good measure:

Monster Hunter is scheduled to land in theaters on December 30th and stars Milla Jovovich as UN soldier Captain Natalie Artemis in the lead role. Supporting cast members, meanwhile, include Tony Jaa, Meagan Good and Ron Perlman.

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