Fans do a double take as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son shoots new movie

Sabotage arnold schwarzenegger

As one of the most iconic action heroes to ever grace the silver screen, it was inevitable that at least one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s five children would follow in his footsteps by trying to carve out an acting career.

Eldest daughter Katherine is a successful author that’s continued the Hollywood connections by marrying Chris Pratt, while 28 year-old Patrick’s onscreen endeavors have largely seen him stick to drama and romance. However, Joseph Baena looks to hewing closely to the template that turned his old man into a superstar, by getting incredibly buff and taking his shirt off.

Fans have been left doing a double-take after the 24 year-old budding thespian and bodybuilder posted a behind the scenes image from his upcoming film Lava, which is curiously the first feature to have ever been fully funded by cryptocurrency, and you can check it out below.

There was some controversy when Baena’s identity was first made public, after it was revealed Schwarzenegger had fathered the boy with his family’s long term housekeeper, and he was born just five days after Shriver had given birth to Patrick. From a purely physical standpoint, he’s already the spitting image of the Commando, Predator and Terminator star, and his A-list parentage will see doors continue to open.