Fans Erupt At The Possibility Of Galactus Joining The MCU In Eternals Sequel


Following the news that colossal Marvel villain Galactus was teased for an Eternals sequel by the co-writers of the Chloe Zhao-directed film, many fans on the internet were overjoyed at the possibility of the character joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In a recent interview with The Direct, Eternals screenplay writers Ryan and Kaz Firpo addressed the many fan theories surrounding Galactus’ possibly-impending implementation in the MCU.

Galactus is an amazing, amazing character, and villain,” Kaz said. “We are, you know, obviously setting the stage for intergalactic, cosmic, megalith confrontations, especially when you kill a space god—and then the space god comes and kidnaps you and plans to judge Earth, I think the door is very much open for world-eating villains…”

Kaz went on to say “Galactus is one of those iconic figures of the Marvel Universe that we’re excited to see.” He added that while they don’t quite know what direction they are going to go with the Eternals sequel, when it comes to Galactus, “if audiences want to see it, we’re excited to explore it.”

This bit of news absolutely lit up fans on social media, who were quick to express their enthusiasm at the prospect.

Some fans were even making their pitches on what actor should helm the role, such as America’s good guy Tom Hanks, remarked one Twitter user.

Others implored Disney to save the villain’s introduction until a time that the Fantastic Four or Silver Surfer could also get introduced in the mix.

Or perhaps the character could just be a tease for the Fantastic Four’s introduction.

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