Fans Fight Over The Most Controversial Part Of The Halloween Franchise

Michael Myers in Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills made its streaming and theatrical debut on Friday, October 15th, and Michael Myers met crowds of adoring fans for the first time since 2018. Spoilers follow: You may want to exit now if you haven’t seen the Halloween Kills film yet.

Halloween Kills opens up right after the events of the 2018 Halloween film, which leads the story to propel forward in a way much unlike the other films. Myers is faced with an angry mob set out to kill him for bringing havoc to the town of Haddonfield, but a turn of events leads to a realization about Myers and shocking deaths.

So why do people seem to have such strong opinions about this movie? Why are so many criticizing the Myers we’ve always known?

This user asked a very valid question as far as horror fans are concerned. We all know the unwritten rule that death in a horror movie can always seemingly be reversed, especially when it comes to the deaths of the masked slashers. So, what exactly is going on with the recent criticism of the second film in the latest Halloween trilogy, Halloween Kills?

Final Spoilers ahead warning— if you haven’t seen Halloween Kills, you may want to turn back and stop reading now.

Many people agreed with their notion and had opinions of their own both in agreement of the statement and question and some who backed up the criticism of the film.

This user says character issues are the main reason they couldn’t get behind Halloween Kills.

This user says it’s not the storyline so much as the tone for them and how it conflicts with character portrayal.

This user had a well-thought-out response to the comment about the director saying that Myers isn’t supernatural, yet — he seemingly survives the unsurvivable. They thought there was another way to interpret that statement.

This user says they’re not sure the thought truly meant supernatural as much as immortal — that he doesn’t age like the rest of us.

What do you think about Halloween Kills and the way the storyline unfolds? What do you think Myers’ element of a super-human center means for future movies? Let’s talk about it.