Planet Of The Apes Fans Furious About Disney Rebooting The Series

Planet of the Apes

After Tim Burton’s disastrous 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes, nobody had particularly high hopes for 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I mean, super-intelligent apes taking over San Francisco sounds a bit ridiculous, right? But then the film landed and blew away everyone who saw it. At the core of the movie was Andy Serkis’ astonishing motion-captured performance as Caesar, a chimpanzee struggling with scientifically-granted smarts and beginning an ape revolution.

After that, things really took off, with Matt Reeves’ Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes making new technological strides forward as well as telling a powerful science-fiction story. The trilogy is very highly regarded and there were expectations that we’d continue to follow this story of the apes conquering Earth. As recently as last August, in fact, we heard that future installments would be set in the same universe as the trilogy and the rumors of a new film in development by director Wes Ball had fans hopeful of an official announcement soon.

So, it came as something of a shock when recent reports surfaced that indicate that the now Disney-owned franchise is going to hit the reboot button again. And here’s how it’s going down on social media…

planet of the apes

While this may be a reboot, I’m thinking that the new film won’t retread the origins story we saw in the recent trilogy. Perhaps we could go back for another stab at a futuristic Earth fully controlled by apes? In that way, while the film might not be a literal sequel to War, it could be set so far in the future that it wouldn’t contradict anything in these movies.

If they did that, I’d hope they have a more original take on the franchise than simply remaking the 1968 pic complete with its now cliche time travel twist. But at this point, we’ll just have to sit tight and wait and see what Disney plans to do with Planet of the Apes.