Netflix Users Hate The Ending To This Popular New Film

The Father Who Moved Mountains

There are some movies so gripping, you can’t imagine a misstep happening throughout the film. There are some that satisfy you in the beginning but lose you somewhere around the middle. Then, there are movies that have an incredible storyline right up until the end.

Most film-lovers can agree that when the ending of a movie isn’t executed in a way that makes sense, it can almost cheapen the experience. Some films have had such potential only to end in ways that leave audiences scratching their heads and wondering what exactly happened and how it went so wrong.

A movie that recently received these kinds of mixed reactions is called The Father Who Moved Mountains, and you can stream it on Netflix. Though, some would warn you not to tune in at all. The premise for the movie is as follows.

When his son goes missing during a snowy hike in the mountains, a retired intelligence officer will stop at nothing—and risk everything—to find him.

As you watch the movie, it’s clear that the father, Mircea, is on a journey to do more than just find his son. The Father Who Moved Mountains shows a man who seemingly lost his son long ago, and the striking pain of his now physical absence is bringing up a lot of deeply rooted issues.

While some fans are singing the film’s praises, others are saying that the depth of the film and the storyline can’t be made right with an ending such as the one the film presented to fans. Without spoiling anything, many fans call the end a cliffhanger, and by the title alone, you’d want to make sure that those mountains were moved for a reason. Whatever that reason may be.

So before you sit down to watch the movie, you may want to read some fan reactions and toy with the idea that the ending may leave you feeling a bit (or completely) unsatisfied.

This fan had a milder reaction, noting that the ending was a cliffhanger but that the film was worth watching.

This user was grateful for another suggestion after feeling like the film didn’t give a satisfying ending.

Others felt the film’s setting was beautiful but needed closure—the movie just didn’t give it to them.

And others were far more straightforward in explaining how they felt about the ending.

This user went as far as to say that the character development for the dad made her want to root against him. A few other tweets echoed a similar feeling.

You can watch The Father Who Moved Mountains on Netflix now.