Fans have some wild ideas about what’s really lurking in the Batcave and James Gunn chimes in

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The Batcave can sometimes serve as the ultimate MacGuffin in Batman stories to push the plot forward, providing Bruce Wayne with almost everything he needs before setting out to confront his most powerful adversaries. But if we were to uncover the deepest depths of the enigmatic base of operations for the cloaked vigilante, what would we find there?

A Twitter user recently posed the same question for the online community, and they’ve indulged by coming up with the weirdest things their imaginations can possibly conceive. Below, we’ve listed some of them — but read at the risk to your own sanity.

Canonically, we’ll have to take James Gunn’s input above everybody else, because he’s a creative deeply involved with DC Films.

Starting off with things that sound really practical, though, here’s what some of the users had to say.

Brace yourself, because things are about to get really weird from here on out. A legendary Muffin Button? Robin cloning facility? A Fifty Shades red room for the Bat and the Cat? You name it.

I think we’re all missing the obvious here; the Batcave clearly has a secret entrance to an alternate reality where humanoid bats run society and humans hang from trees at night. The Dark Knight goes there in the early hours of the morning, dressed as Bruce Wayne, and fights crime in his normal clothes, because there, that’s a symbol for humans… who are bats… who are human.

#BatcaveSurprise is currently trending on social media, so make sure to hop on and share your own thoughts as to what secret things the Caped Crusader keeps in his Batcave.

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