Jason Momoa Fans Come To His Defense After He’s Body-Shamed By Trolls


I guess there’s no civility anymore. At least not in the fandom community.

It must be hard enough as it is to live your life in the limelight, especially in the age of social media where you’re never really out of the public eye. I can only imagine how much more difficult it becomes when people begin criticizing your looks.

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you may’ve seen a photo of Aquaman star Jason Momoa that’s been getting a lot of attention. Pictured on vacation with his wife Lisa Bonet, he seems to be having a good time, and hopefully trolls haven’t ruined it.

Yep, a lot of people have been fat-shaming the blockbuster actor for his vacation-mode bod and you can check out the photo in question below.

Well, first thing’s first. If that’s fat, 99% of the country’s doomed. Yes, he looks a little bit different than he did in preparing for playing Arthur Curry last year, but that’s not the easiest image to maintain. I though that Far Thor changed people for the better…

Thankfully, some fans have now come to Momoa’s defense. That is, the people who have functional eyes.

Looks like there may be hope yet.

Currently filming Denis Villenueve’s highly anticipated Dune adaptation in Hungary and Jordan, it’s not like Momoa is going to have to slip back into Arthur Curry’s suit again anytime soon, anyways. In fact, Aquaman 2 isn’t even scheduled to be released until December 2022. That gives the actor plenty of time to get back into shape and silence these online trolls.