Fans Want A Michael Keaton/Robert Pattinson Batman Beyond Movie

batman beyond banner

This week brought the shocking news that Robert Pattinson is likely going to be the next Dark Knight as reports say he’s director Matt Reeves’ top choice for The Batman. Not everyone can see the former Twilight star as Bruce Wayne, though, but a neat compromise has been devised by one Twitter user and it’s gone down a treat.

Instead of the 33-year-old actor playing Bruce, how about having him as Terry McGinnis, the legacy hero of Batman Beyond? And when it comes to who should portray the retired Wayne opposite him, there’s only one man for the job – Tim Burton’s Batman, Michael Keaton.

The idea was pitched by writer Chris Hastings on social media, and fans couldn’t get enough of it.

Seriously, Warner Bros. Just give someone a wad of cash to make this movie already.

In the words of Terry in the classic animated series, it would be the most “schway” thing ever!

User @Caseyshoots even mocked up what it could be like to have Keaton and Pattison team up in the Batcave.

Then again, some fans weren’t on board with the idea as they thought Pattinson was too old to play Terry, as the kid’s a high schooler when the TV show begins. One of those who felt strongly about that was the original Terry, voice actor Will Friedle.

Friedle and those with the same view probably have a point there. Much of the fun of Batman Beyond comes from the dynamic between the young, reckless Terry and the cranky, elderly Bruce. Besides, Reeves has clearly chosen Pattinson to play Bruce Wayne and while some may be struggling to get on board with that right now, we should give the filmmaker the benefit of the doubt that he knows what he’s doing.

We 100% want a Batman Beyond movie with Michael Keaton, though. Honestly, the regularity with which this idea is talked about on social media shows how much money it would make. Sure, we’ll accept Battinson, but Gotham City is big enough for more than one Batman, right?