Fan of ‘The Batman’ show how ‘I’m vengeance’ line might fit into a trilogy

Warner Bros.

With Warner Bros. officially greenlighting a sequel to The Batman, Matt Reeves will have greater autonomy than before to fully flesh out his take on the Dark Knight and his story. As you’d imagine, fans are already busy speculating as to what the next installment in the Pattinson-led movie series will look like, and one of them has recently put forth an interesting idea about the infamous “I’m vengeance” line.

Many of you will already know the original line is composed of three epic declamations. “I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman.” Pattinson’s first outing, meanwhile, uses only the first part, though in a much more meaningful and significant capacity than merely a badass-sounding one-liner.

The entire plot basically revolves around how the Caped Crusader has turned into a symbol for hatred and vengeance as opposed to hope and heroism, with one of the Riddler’s goonies even bringing it full circle by uttering the sentence in The Batman‘s final moments.

Now, according to this Reddit user, the second installment might decide to continue this line of thought by adopting the second sentence, “I am the night,” with the third and final entry truly and completely realizing Matt Reeves’ vision of the vigilante with “I am Batman.” You can read the theory out for yourself.

Frankly, it’d kind of make sense for Matt Reeves to use the full quote in the next movies. The Batman only teased us in that regard, and the director is not the kind of creative to leave us hanging.

At any rate, it might be a while until we learn more about The Batman 2, but that hasn’t stopped DC fans from having fun with all the possibilities the bespoke sequel brings to the table.