Fans of “The Motive” Are Collectively Freaking Out About A Teen Who Killed His Whole Family

the motive

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise; truth is absolutely stranger than fiction. Netflix’s latest true-crime documentary, The Motive, explores the 1986 killings of four family members in Jerusalem by a then 14-year-old boy in Jerusalem.

The child, who would now be approaching middle age, is never named in the harrowing tale, created by Tali Shemesh and Asaf Sudri. Similar to Making a Murderer when it first premiered on the streaming platform, The Motive has immediately gone viral, with those who have already binged all four episodes taking to Twitter to share their reactions.

The chief concern? What exactly happened to the child who claimed he was told by a green monster to murder his entire family?

Others are keen to learn the boy’s name and wonder why his name was intentionally withheld from the public.

Was the ultimate outcome a result of differences in psychological evaluation practices?

Words can’t describe the incredulous nature of the case.

the motive

Some viewers believe the interrogation process wasn’t strict enough and resulted in a laundry list of unanswered questions.

If you have time this weekend, definitely check out The Motive. Just beware: an answer to the question ‘where is the boy?’ will likely never come to fruition.