Alita: Battle Angel Trends Again As Fans Demand A Sequel


Alita: Battle Angel is a science fiction blockbuster that came out in 2019. Since its release, thousands of fans have pleaded for a sequel. With more than two years passed and no official announcement of future plans save for a potential spinoff though, it seems increasingly likely that the series may be on the shelf for a while longer, much to the chagrin of its loyal followers.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the fanbase from continuing to push for another movie and they’ve now taken Twitter to – once again – voice their opinion that Fox should absolutely produce a follow-up to their 2019 tentpole. Together, their messages form a chorus that praises the film for its relatable characters, stellar action sequences and impressive use of CGI technology.


Based on a manga of the same name, Alita tells the story of a doctor who finds the disassembled body of a robot in a junkyard. This machine, it turns out, is an advanced cyborg warrior who – having been given a second life – has to choose between her violent nature and loving nurture. Basically, it’s Pinocchio with robots.

The film was first announced over a decade ago, when Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron slated it as his next big project. Set in a sprawling sci-fi world, it would have been a perfect spiritual successor to the planet of Pandora. Following the success of Avatar, however, Cameron dropped the project in favor of focusing on that movie’s sequels.

When Cameron moved on, the void he left behind was filled by Sin City and Spy Kids director Robert Rodriguez. Endowed with a wealth of creativity as well as sporting experience running large, special effects-heavy sets, Rodriguez made for an ample replacement. Unfortunately, though, he couldn’t elevate Alita: Battle Angel to quite the same standards that many believe Cameron would have managed.

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