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Fans rightly question why so many MCU residents haven’t fled New York

The cost of property might be low based on the high destruction rate.

avengers battle of new york
via Marvel Studios

People who were born, raised, or relocated to New York City at some point during their lives are always proud of that fact and happy to shout it from the rooftops, but you’ve got to wonder if the fictional residents of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that reside in the Big Apple feel quite the same way.

After all, the city has basically become ground zero for literally earth-shattering showdowns between the franchise’s vast array of superheroes, with the wide range of evil villains or intergalactic adversaries clearly having NYC marked out on a map for the sole reason of causing even more damage to a concrete jungle that’s already been through the wars ten times over.

Even thinking about the spiraling costs of in-canon property damage is enough to make your head spin, leading to questions and discussion among the MCU fanbase as to why folks don’t just pack their things, flee New York, and head somewhere that’s less likely to be devastated by a showdown between miscellaneous Avengers and their latest adversaries.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy, Disney Plus series Hawkeye, Doctor Strange and its sequel Multiverse of Madness, The Avengers, that movie’s sequel Infinity War, various parts of the Captain America trio, and many more have all set up shop in New York City, and you can imagine that the locals have become so numb at this stage that they simply roll their eyes and carry on about their daily business as chaos and carnage unfolds around them.

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