Fans Speculate On Sony Announcement Of Two New Marvel Movies For 2023

It looks like Sony’s universe of Marvel‘s characters might only be just getting started. While Kraven the Hunter is set to debut in January 2023, two new dates have been added to the calendar for yet unnamed films — June 23, 2023, and October 6, 2023.

As there is currently no other information on what the films might be or when they will be officially announced, fans have taken to speculating on which movies are most likely to come. So many users thought it had to be Venom 3 that the topic began to trend on Twitter.

However, fans have had a lot of other guesses on what they think and hope will be coming up from Sony soon.

As you can see, Spider-Woman was a top choice for many.

Though one fan noticed a recent release date shuffle from Disney and came up with an incredible conclusion.

What movies do you think Sony will be bringing to the table in 2023? Let’s talk about it!