Fans step into the director’s chair to change two MCU classics

Doctor Strange infinity war
Image via Marvel Studios

Trying to please everyone usually results in pleasing no one, and despite the fact that both Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame are two of the biggest box office films in history and genuinely well-received by all, some fans think they could have done it better. Because of course, they do. Here are some added extras fans would have fit into the already two-and-a-half and three-hour-long films.

These last two Avengers movies were always going to feel jam-packed. They brought together all the heroes we had been watching for almost a decade on the screen to face the biggest threat of the MCU thus far, Thanos. Being able to write a screenplay that gave each character optimal time to further their own personal arcs and remain truthful to what we know of that character whilst also weaving together an overall plot is no easy feat.

In fact, it’s so difficult that they dealt with it by having half of the major players dusted at the end of Infinity War so we could focus on a smaller group in Endgame. But no matter how skilled the writing was, or well-received the films were, by audiences and critics alike, some feel that there are certain aspects that they wish had been done differently, and they know exactly what they would have done if they’d been in charge.

For many, they felt that the character of Drax was done dirty given that he had made it his life’s mission to avenge his wife and daughter murdered by Thanos yet never even really got to be a proper part of his takedown.

We forget that Drax is immensely strong and a skilled combatant, probably stronger even than Captain America, yet never really got to go up against the man that he has been hunting for all this time.

Some wanted an entirely different version of the Hulk, as well as getting to see him in the Soul World after he makes the snap.

Many also wanted to see the Hulk take on Thanos one more time.

There was also a lot of debate about who should have gone to Vormir instead of Natasha and Clint.

Despite the shock that came at the end of Infinity Wars, with half of our beloved heroes getting dusted, we all knew that couldn’t possibly last… though how you fix that we don’t know.

The whole “girl power” moment, though cool in some respects, felt highly forced and artificial, shoehorned in to say “look, here at Marvel we support girl power!” This left a lot of people rolling their eyes.

Of course, we can all be great writers with hindsight and years of people commenting on what they wanted to guide us. But what Marvel writers pulled off, without any of that, was truly exceptional.