Fans still can’t believe how Spider-Man relaxed after fighting the ‘Civil War’ airport battle

Spider-Man: No Way Home
Photo via IGN/YouTube

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man made his MCU debut in style during Captain America: Civil War. Pete was Tony Stark’s ace in the hole, bringing him out during the big airport battle to swipe Cap’s shield, make a couple of one-liners, and show off his Spidey skills. We later got glimpses of Pete’s trip to Germany in Spider-Man: Homecoming, though it wasn’t until Far From Home that we learned a rather… intimate detail of how he unwound after the fight.

It came in a quick exchange when Peter was trying to make sure Happy Hogan wasn’t a Mysterio-induced hallucination. But asked to prove his identity, Hogan let slip a key detail that has fans raising their eyebrows, which fans on Reddit have been picking up on.

As the comments point out, Pete is a teenage boy alone in a hotel room on his own with nothing else to do – what did you expect to happen? Posters also draw parallels between the famously horny Olympic villages, with young men and women at the height of their physical prowess thrown together in a high-stress situation. That pressure needs a release valve, and there’s a very easy one right to hand when you’re alone.

But others say this tells us as much about Happy as it does Peter. After all, the only reason you’d be able to identify a porn film rented at a hotel by the price is if you already knew. This, potentially, may explain how ‘Happy’ got his unusual name.

It’s a fascinating piece of deep lore on Peter Parker, though given that May seems to frequently burst into his bedroom unannounced, we can sympathize at him finally having some privacy.