Fans talk about the MCU characters they were surprised at loving


Marvel fans on Reddit are discussing an exciting question that a fan posted on the social media site this weekend. While we all have our favorite characters, storylines, and heroes that have carved out a space in our hearts — we also have those characters that snuck up on us.

You know those characters you didn’t anticipate liking at all but fell in love with — the ones who, after a scene or a series of events, grow on you in a way you didn’t expect. That’s exactly what this Marvel thread is discussing, and fans are chiming in to share their opinions.

The user started by saying that they were surprised to like Doctor Strange as they’re not usually fans of magic characters or storylines. However, in the battle between Thanos and Doctor Strange — they found a new respect for the character. So much so, that Doctor Strange is now in their top 3 superhero list.

They then posed a similar question, asking what heroes you expected to love that you ended up not enjoying at all. They shared that their character is Thor, and while we personally love Thor, we get where they’re coming from with their point of view.

Here’s what other fans had to say.

This user liked how they made Mysterio’s illusions a legitimate threat, and the way they made them so real truly impacted the character and the storyline.

This MCU fan didn’t anticipate enjoying the Guardians of the Galaxy as much as they do.

Some fans weren’t sold on Ant-Man at first, but liked the character a lot and noted that Rudd is great in the role.

This fan notes that they weren’t anticipating enjoying Wanda and Vision as much as they do and several agreed.

Many fans agreed with this notion as well, with some saying that the reason The Vulture was so great was that Michael Keaton was the actor.

Chris Evans does knock the role of Captain America out of the park. His dedication to the role and the way he envelops everything Steve Rogers was meant to be is extraordinary.

So many MCU fans agreed with that idea, saying that they weren’t sure they’d love America’s hero but that he ended up being everything they weren’t expecting — in the best way.

If you consider yourself a Marvel fan and somehow haven’t fallen in love with Korg — we’d love to know how. The guy, made entirely of perishable rocks, is the most chill character and someone whose commentary hits a necessary spot within the realm.

We love Bucky and echo the notion that Sebastian Stan brings everything necessary to the character that turned him into the guy we’ve all grown to adore.

What Marvel characters did you unexpectedly begin to love? What heroes or villains did you anticipate liking that you just never grew attached to? Let’s chat about it.