Will A Resistance/First Order Alliance Form In Star Wars: Episode IX?


Star Wars has traditionally been about dualities. The light side of the force is opposed to the dark side; the Rebellion’s opposed to the Empire; the Jedi are opposed to the Sith and so on. This has continued into Disney’s Sequel Trilogy, too, which has seen General Leia’s Resistance doing battle with the First Order.

Now, with Star Wars: Episode IX promising to put a cap on this story, you might expect some kind of climactic battle to decide the winner. Well, one fan on Reddit thinks differently. User Herplexed1467 posits that Episode IX will see the two opposing sides join forces to fight a new enemy called the Grysk, who’ve just been introduced in the novel Thrawn: Alliances. 

For those unfamiliar with them, they’re described as so:

“Grysks are a species living somewhere in the Unknown Regions. Creatures half of myth, whom few have ever seen. It is said that they are nomads, with no fixed home, traveling in spacecraft so numerous they blot out the stars. They are said to be terrifying warriors, overwhelming their opponents by sheer numbers and ferocity.”

Is this likely to happen, though? Probably not.

First off, introducing a new alien threat in the final chapter of a movie trilogy is simply terrible storytelling, and even those who’ve spent the last year putting down the Lucasfilm story group after The Last Jedi have to admit that they’re not dumb enough to do this.

Furthermore, I just don’t think that after being practically wiped out at the end of the previous film, that the Resistance even have that much to offer the First Order in an alliance. Not to mention that the good guys teaming up with the Empire (part 2) just doesn’t seem plausible after they obliterated a star system in The Force Awakens.

Then, of course, there’s the small matter of whether Disney would be on board with their biggest franchise ending with its heroes deciding that they should team up with Space Nazis against what sounds like intergalactic Roma. So yeah, I’d say you can toss this theory in the dustbin of Star Wars history.

Source: Reddit