Fans Band Together To Save Underwater Jason Voorhees Statue


The deformed son of Pamela Voorhees may be a vicious and bloodthirsty killer, but even so, fans seem to love him. At least, his physical form.

A new report from Bloody Disgusting details how a group’s attempting to keep a statue of Jason Voorhees inside an Arizona lake. According to the outlet, a statue of the Friday The 13th series icon was placed at the bottom of Lake Pleasant by one Zachary Nagy to serve as a marker for other divers. Local officials, however, were not keen on the killer and are now working to remove him.

I’m sure you can guess how the story goes from here, but we’ll fill you in anyways.

Horror fans, being the passionate folks they are, have since gotten together and created a petition to keep the statue in place. They argue it’s harmless, made of environmentally friendly materials and a fun way to make the lake more interesting. I could sum it up in more detail, but instead decided to put the gist of the petition below for you to examine yourself.

“In May of this year, diving enthusiast Zachary Nagy recreated the iconic horror character Jason Voorhees in the form of a statue as a way to make for an interesting piece for the Arizona scuba diving community. Zach and fellow local divers built the statue from scratch with all environmentally friendly materials, not to mention, they ensured that Jason was at a depth as to not cause any safety issues for those above water. During an interview on Slasher Radio, he went into detail about how his statue and other objects in the lake actually aid in the reproduction of underwater wildlife as well as providing them with shelter. So much time and passion was put into this project and was founded on an idea of good intentions and harmless fun.

We’re disappointed at the exaggerated claims and negative remarks from the officials involved with the statue’s removal. Zach’s work is being deemed as ‘trash’ and/or ‘obnoxious material’ by officials who are actively working to locate and discard the Jason statue. Not only does this decision affect Zach’s recent creation but it will discourage any other similar ideas in the future. We won’t let this issue go down quietly”

Interestingly enough, this is not the only Jason Voorhees statue placed into a lake by a fan. Earlier, a statue made in 2014 by Minnesota’s Curtis Lahr went viral online after it was discovered at a popular diving spot in the state. Though the elements took their toll on the creation, it was still in place as of February, scaring up divers and making them wonder what lurks beneath the cold and dark waters they explore.

Tell us, should Jason Voorhees get to stay (in statue form) where he is in Arizona? Or do you think the authorities should remove him? Sound off in comments section down below.