Fans try to find the positives in ‘Thor: The Dark World’

via Marvel Studios

Fans are finding some light in Thor: The Dark World, widely considered one of the worst MCU films.

Redditor Snoo_19146 got the discussion going on Father’s Day by writing “Let’s all be nice and positive today. What’s your favourite thing about this movie (and don’t say ‘it ended’)?”

Sure enough, (most) fans have been nice and positive, giving the post nearly 1200 upvotes at the time of this writing and contributing over 500 comments. The current top comment comes from AirmanOo and reads:

“This is the answer,” incharacterasAdam replied. “Came here to say this,” wrote TheBobbestB0B. In addition to demonstrating the strong foundation of the characters, the scene demonstrates the acting ability of Chris Evans.

Another highly-upvoted part of the film is Frigga’s funeral, which silverBruise_32 considers “surprisingly moving.” Other Redditors praised the scene and Frigga in general.

Ironically, since it’s Father’s Day, silverBruise_32 called Frigga their “favorite MCU mom.”

The film’s visual effects/aesthetics were also praised. MattThomas1992 compared the latter to Star Wars and Game of Thrones, to which composinkid88 replied that the director, Alan Taylor, actually directed a handful of GoT episodes (seven, to be exact).

Even its ending was lauded.

Although Thor: The Dark World is consistently ranked near the bottom of the MCU pack (sometimes at the very bottom), there is still a lot to love about it, as was proven by this positive Father’s Day Reddit thread. Perhaps watching the film with that mindset will uncover even more overlooked gems.