Fans Want Henry Cavill To Have A Second Chance As Superman

DC and Warner Bros. have movie and TV plans for a multitude of their characters but appear to be struggling with what to do with Superman. Ta-Nehisi Coates has been tasked with writing a film about the icon, but that could be an independent take separate from any shared universe movies. If that’s the case, then DC will eventually need to figure out what to do with Superman.

Henry Cavill has portrayed the character in three films, but his future in the DCEU is murky, to say the least. There hasn’t been any confirmation about whether or not the studio plans to move forward with him in the role. While the DCEU has had a difficult time consistently resonating with audiences, that hasn’t been Cavill’s fault. In fact, fans on Reddit described him as the “perfect” Superman and that he should get another chance at the role.

2013’s Man of Steel was Cavill’s first shot at the character. The film has been the subject of controversy for fans and critics alike, as there are many who love it and equally as many who hate it. One fan gave the film a watch recently and believes it gets a bad rap.

Another fan blamed bad writing for Cavill failing to get proper acclaim in the role.

Cavill certainly has his fans, but Warner Bros. also appears keen to wipe its hands of Zack Snyder’s influence on the DCEU. The studio has focused more on individual films than team-up movies. However, Jason Mamoa is still appearing as Aquaman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Ben Affleck is returning as Batman with Ezra Miller returning as the Flash in the upcoming The Flash. If those movies are successful, then Warner Bros. might reevaluate whether or not it would like to bring Cavill back for another Superman film.