Fans weigh in on ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ beating ‘The Batman’ on Rotten Tomatoes

Spider-Man: No Way Home
Photo via IGN/YouTube

Rotten Tomatoes is famous for its controversial ratings. Thanks to a sometimes confusing score system (what makes one three-star review a positive one while another is counted as negative?), a super-popular movie might end up with surprisingly low rating or else a less-acclaimed one comes away Certified Fresh. Just look at the cases of The Batman and Spider-Man: Far From Home, for instance.

As Twitter user @Spagggs pointed out, Robert Pattinson’s recent debut as the Dark Knight is sitting at an 85% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, with an 87% audience score. That’s pretty impressive, but it comes up short when compared to Far From Home‘s 90% critics rating and 95% audience score. To be clear, that’s not the recent No Way Home we’re talking about but its 2019 predecessor.

While The Batman vs No Way Home might be evenly matched opponents, the OP wondered if Far From Home is really up to the Matt Reeves movie’s speed.

As you would imagine, folks on both side of the Marvel/DC divide weighed in. And for every fan championing The Batman

… There’s one vouching for Far From Home.

What this thread teaches us is that some people really, really hate Far From Home.

And yet others really, really love it.

Hot take: The Batman isn’t just better than FFH but every single MCU flick.

But does it have Jake Gyllenhaal overacting in a fish-bowl helmet? No, no, it doesn’t.

The Batman might be a better-made film, some think, but it’s not as much of a crowd-pleaser.

Maybe we shouldn’t compare these two wildly different superhero movies at all?

These two films are definitely chalk and cheese, with one being a teen comedy-drama and the other a dark crime thriller, so whichever you prefer is totally subjective. This is an interesting microcosm of the whole “Marvel vs. DC” debate, however, and it definitely suggests that critics slightly prefer the MCU to DC’s output.