Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald Character Posters Show Off The Huge Cast


The final trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald dropped yesterday and brought with it a bunch of character posters that remind us that there are a lot of names to keep track of in the film. Thankfully, the one-sheets come with brief descriptions of each witch, wizard, muggle or otherwise to help us remember who they all are.

For starters, we have the central four stars of the series. Newt Scamander (plus his pet Bowtruckle Picket) is apparently “wanted for questioning,” suggesting the magizoologist has got himself into fresh trouble. MACUSA agent Tina Goldstein, meanwhile, is “on foreign assignment,” which means she can meet up with Newt again in Paris, while her sister Queenie has apparently gone off the grid. Perhaps to spend time with “no-maj of interest” Jacob Kowalski?

After discovering he’s an Obscurial, Credence Barebones is “searching for identity,” while Nagini – yes, Voldemort’s snake in human form – is “aiding a fugitive.” Elsewhere, Newt’s antagonistic brother Theseus is “on ministry orders,” while his fiancee – and Newt’s ex – Leta Lestrange is mysteriously “implicated by prophecy.” Last but definitely not least, we have Albus Dumbledore “under surveillance,” which is presumably the reason he can’t go after “dark wizard at large” Gellert Grindelwald himself and needs Newt to do it.

That’s a lot of characters to balance, but J.K. Rowling knows her Wizarding World inside out and we’re sure she’ll be able to juggle all these various plot threads with her usual aplomb. Plus, the trailers have teased a lot of connections and callbacks for fans to pick up on. Nicolas Flamel, the creator of the Philosopher’s Stone, for instance, will appear at some point and the Mirror of Erised looks to play an important role, too.

We’ll find out how Rowling and director David Yates will mix all the ingredients together in the cauldron when Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald releases on November 16th.

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