Fantastic Beasts 2 Will Largely Take Place In Paris; Carmen Ejogo Teases Seraphina’s Return


With New York City still reeling from the events of the first film, Carmen Ejogo (Seraphina) has confirmed to Collider that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 will largely take place in Paris.

As acting President of the American Wizard Association, Ejogo stressed that her on-screen character won’t be all that involved in the David Yates sequel, which is somewhat disappointing when you consider that Seraphina really brought a sense of drama to the otherwise whimsical Harry Potter spinoff.

Still, with a slew of sequels cramming up the pipeline – Warner has reportedly carved out enough room so that Fantastic Beasts can grow into a five-film franchise – there will be plenty of opportunities to explore Seraphina in the future.

Here’s confirmation of that Parisian setting, courtesy of Collider:

Well in this one – maybe not so [prominent a role], but Seraphina is the President of the American Wizard Association so whenever we return to the US, I would imagine we get more of Seraphina. But this film mostly takes place in Paris – so we get to see a Parisian version of her perhaps.

Production on Fantastic Beasts 2 initially kicked off in July, and since then, we’ve caught wind of all the new characters headed to the Potterverse.

When quizzed about her own schedule, though, Carmen Ejogo noted that she’s been “in and out” filming the 2018 sequel:

I’m actually going over next week [to shoot]. It’s always a long shoot on these films so it’s been a fair bit of back and forth but I’m so happy to be a part of the ongoing sequels. It’s a great franchise.

The untitled Fantastic Beasts 2 is expected to light up theaters on November 16th, 2018, with subsequent instalments to follow every two years. In related news, the developer behind AR sensation Pokémon Go is gearing up to launch a Harry Potter mobile game sometime next year, so perhaps both properties will release in and around the same timeframe? More on J.K.’s fantastical franchise when we have it.