Fantastic Four Director Says Scorsese’s New Movie Has More Humanity Than Every MCU Film

Fantastic Four

Martin Scorsese’s very public criticism of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was huge news for about a week, with the legendary filmmaker’s opinion that these big budget superhero blockbusters weren’t really cinema drawing backlash from fans, as well as thoughtful responses from many people heavily involved in the MCU.

Fellow directorial icon Francis Ford Coppola also weighed in with even more scathing comments, but once the furor died down normal service resumed, as the battling factions of Hollywood stars realized that everybody is entitled to their own opinion. However, despite being far too late to the party to the point where the ‘Marvel isn’t cinema’ debate has already been replaced by Baby Yoda as the hottest topic in the movie industry, another name has decided to weigh in with his opinion.

Josh Trank, who broke out in a big way with Chronicle in 2012 before effectively sabotaging his own career after rumors of erratic behind-the-scenes behavior resulted in one of the worst comic book movies ever made in Fantastic Four, which also reportedly led to his firing from Star Wars, sat down to watch Scorsese’s The Irishman and decided to let his feelings be known, which you can see below.

Clearly, Trank’s tweet was designed specifically to elicit a response from Marvel fans in the wake of Scorsese’s comments, but the fact that the filmmaker has already deleted it shows that it didn’t get the reaction he was expecting. Perhaps Trank is poking fun at his own experiences working on a Marvel project, or maybe he’s just jumping on the bandwagon a little too late?

In any case, it seems unlikely that he’ll ever direct a comic book movie again after experiencing both the highs of Chronicle and lows of Fantastic Four, with his first film since 2015 set to arrive next year, which sees Tom Hardy playing Al Capone in crime biopic Fonzo.