Fantastic Four Director Throws Shade At His Own Movie


In a decade of countless record-breaking hits in the genre, one superhero movie stands out for its total failure. 2015’s Fantastic Four was Fox’s third attempt to bring Marvel’s First Family to the screen and at first we thought they were onto something with director Josh Trank’s darker take on the team. However, the end result was an ugly, studio-mangled mess. Fans aren’t alone in hating it, though, as it seems Trank himself agrees.

In response to Captain Marvel‘s historic opening weekend, following speculation that it might flop, music video director Joseph Kahn argued that “no superhero movie fails.” Trank then saw an opportunity to prove him wrong. “Hold my beer,” the filmmaker succinctly tweeted, going viral in the process.

Infamously, Trank voiced his frustration with the theatrical cut of Fantastic Four following its release on Twitter before he deleted his comments. The experience must have been a pretty bad one for him, too, as he hasn’t directed another film since. However, this year he’ll make a return with Fonzo, a crime biopic starring Tom Hardy as Al Capone. Seeing as some time’s passed and he’s got a new project on the way, apparently Trank can now look back at FF with some humor.

Likewise, the memory of the 2015 reboot will no doubt soon be washed away when Marvel Studios inevitably restarts the adventures of Mister Fantastic and his friends once again, now that they’re on the verge of getting the rights back from Fox. We haven’t received confirmation just yet of what the House of Ideas plans to do with the Four, but we do know that they want to make use of various characters from their mythos, such as Silver Surfer and Kang the Conqueror.

What are your thoughts on Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot, though? And what do you want to see Marvel do with the First Family? Have your say in the comments section down below.

Source: Twitter