Will The Doombots Face Off Against The Fantastic Four?


After years of development problems and rumors that the movie wouldn’t even happen at all, I’ll admit that it’s a bit weird to see Fantastic Four news hit the web. Now that the reboot has found the right actors to round out its titular super-powered family and their evil nemesis, production is ready to begin. That means plot details will start emerging from the woodwork shortly and today, we have our first tantalizing piece of information.

Nerdist claims to have a “reliable source” that tells them that the Doombots will “definitely” be in the film. Introduced back in 1965, the Doombots are duplicates of Dr. Doom, built by the villain for combat against the FF and used in place of himself when he either can’t attend a battle or feels that he stands no chance of winning. They often look just like him but are given a host of fine-tuned weaponry specifically designed for whoever they are targeting. Nerdist is telling us that they will take the form of drones in the film, which Doom controls telekinetically.

We’ve been wondering how Fox plans to set this Fantastic Four reboot apart from what came before, and this idea would definitely do that. It does remind me a bit of the “House Party Protocol” in Iron Man 3, so I wonder if casual moviegoers would be on board with it or just claim that director Josh Trank is simply copying Marvel. In any case, the Doombots should look great on screen, and will help give their creator an advantage in whatever big screen battle we’ll see him wage against the Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four is set for release on June 19th, 2015.

Source: Nerdist

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