Fantastic Four Producer Thinks Marvel’s Reboot Will Be A Masterpiece

Fantastic Four

For the guy who produced the abysmal 2015 Fantastic Four reboot, Matthew Vaughn sure does have a bright outlook for the franchise’s future. Since he also helped bring us X-Men: First Class, if he has an idea that might give us the F4 we deserve, then by Thor, we need to hear the man out.

The producer, director, and writer of a very large amount of comic book movies recently sat down with CinemaBlend’s ReelBlend podcast and talked X-Men, Kingsman and Rocketman. One of those things do not belong, but I’ll let you figure out which one.

Anyways, Vaughn had some very cool things to say about the Fantastic Four and their future with Marvel, now that Disney has seemingly bought every studio in the universe.

“As the man that produced the last terrible Fantastic Four – and I will say that because I said it from day one, but no one listened to me — I think Fan Four is, for me, it’s the live action version of The Incredibles. It’s probably the most, I think, commercially viable Marvel Comic. Kevin Feige will get ahold of that and probably make a masterpiece.

He makes a great point. The Incredibles did so well that the second movie came out 14 years after the original and still pulled in almost $1.25 billion (yes, billion) at the worldwide box office. The super-fam premise is obviously well-loved and the faith Vaughn puts in Kevin Feige is spot-on, too. After all, what other film producer/studio president can say he’s made over $25 billion off of superheroes?

Vaughn also talks about the X-Men and Fantastic Four in the podcast, comparing the two and which would be the smart movie to make right now. He wisely chooses the latter, since fans have probably gotten more than their fix of the mutants by this point.

“And the X-Men world, I imagine that might get put on ice for a little bit. I think it needs a little bit of breathing room. They made a hell of a lot since First Class, if you think about it. Fan Four would be the thing I’d like to see them do next. Disney and Fan Four and Marvel is a really potent combination.”

With the new Disney/Marvel/Fox era in full swing, if the Fantastic Four family were brought to the big screen, there’s a really good chance moviegoers would finally love the hell out of it. We’ve already had three years to recover from the last F4 reboot, but what do you think? Can Kevin Feige deliver to us the film that we deserve? Let us know in the comments section down below.