The Farrelly Brothers Take On Dan Ewen’s Dear Satan

The Farrelly Brothers are at it again. Coming off their passion project The Three Stooges, the brothers plan on working with 20th Century Fox once more on an upcoming project titled Dear Satan.

According to The Film Stage, the idea came about during one of screenwriter Dan Ewen’s baby-sitting gigs. He reveals that during that time, a seven-year-old gave him a misspelled Christmas card. He further explains:

“There was this cute little card, covered in candy canes and glitter. I fell in love with the idea of this note mistakenly being delivered to the Prince of Darkness and the fiery wackiness that would ensue.”

The idea sounds odd but definitely interesting. The Farrelly Brothers have been lacking recently but hopefully the brothers have found a project that will allow them to get back on track.

The Farrelly Brothers plan on shooting a sequel to Dumb & Dumber, which is slated for a 2014 release, so we’re not sure which film will go first. As always though, we’ll keep you posted.

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