Fast & Furious 9 Mid-Credits Scene Explained

Fast & Furious 9

Those actively searching for spoilers would have already found out about its existence a long time ago after the movie began rolling out internationally, but many domestic audiences were in for a pleasant surprise when the mid-credits stinger in Fast & Furious 9 arrived.

It’s a brief scene that doesn’t offer much in the way of concrete details, but it ends with a wordless stare that’s set to have huge implications for the tenth and eleventh installments in The Fast Saga, tying off a subplot that’s been lingering away in the background of the series for years.

A hooded figure is seen knocking lumps out of a punchbag, and anyone with a knowledge of action cinema will instantly recognize those roundhouse kicking grunts as belonging to Jason Statham. Sure enough, he reveals himself and unzips the bag to show that there’s somebody inside, with Deckard Shaw having come into possession of a flash drive that will presumably be tied to whatever Fast & Furious 10‘s MacGuffin turns out to be.

There’s a knock at his door shortly after, because his top secret hideout is apparently very easy to find, and when Shaw checks out who’s come calling, a look of shock spreads across his face as he sees Sung Kang’s Han. The two have a brief but very intense stare down, and then Fast & Furious 9 cuts to black.

It sort of answers the #JusticeForHan question because he never really died, but the real connection between the two is Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody. Shaw was established as a former Nobody operative gone rogue, while the sharp-suited official faked Han’s death to recruit him to his cause, so we could be seeing those three engage in an Q&A session to clear the air when the next Fast & Furious blockbuster arrives.