Fast & Furious 9 Could Set Up Dwayne Johnson’s Return To The Franchise

Dwayne Johnson

For the second year in a row, fans are hyped over a new trailer for Fast & Furious 9, and let’s hope that things go to plan this time around. After all, the ninth installment in the insanely popular franchise has already been delayed for a year, with longtime supporters of the series champing at the bit to see what Dominic Toretto and his crew get up to next.

Of course, one notable absentee from the lineup is Dwayne Johnson, who played a huge part in the resurgence of Fast & Furious when he barrelled into the fifth movie as Luke Hobbs. He then went on to become an integral part of the extended family, before taking a brief detour into spinoff territory, leading Hobbs & Shaw to over $750 million at the box office alongside Jason Statham.

A combination of personal and professional conflicts saw Johnson sit out F9, due to the shooting schedule for Hobbs & Shaw and his well-publicized disagreements with fellow bald headed action star Vin Diesel. But the two appear to have made up, and with The Fast Saga set to draw to a close with an epic two-part finale, it would be a travesty if Hobbs didn’t ride with the gang one more time.

It’s looking very likely that it’ll happen, too, and a new theory could explain the how and why. Obviously, things like common sense and logic don’t bear too heavily on the world of Fast & Furious, but Hobbs & Shaw introduced the shady Eteon organization into the mix, who were behind Idris Elba’s Brixton.

With that in mind, Fast & Furious 9 might reveal Charlize Theron’s Cipher to also be in the employ of Eteon, which gives Hobbs and Shaw an easy route back into the mythology for the explosive conclusion, one that could tie directly into their own sequel for good measure.

As ScreenRant explains:

Unlike their supposed falling out in real life, Dom and Hobbs actually never had any issues with each other. The last time they saw each other in Fate of the Furious, they parted ways amicably which means there’s no in-universe hindrance for Hobbs’ potential return. While they may be treading very different paths now, they could ultimately converge if they once again share a common enemy. Hobbs was initially reluctant to team up with Dom and his crew, but after realizing that they’re up against the same people, they eventually collaborate. This could be the case again for Fast & Furious 10. Hobbs & Shaw’s front-facing villain was Brixton, but he was merely an operative for Eteon. Not much is known about the group, but the spin-off teased that more about them and their leader, The Director whose identity remains unknown, will be revealed in the future. Given this, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Eteon is ultimately connected to Cipher — the primary adversary in the main Fast & Furious saga. Assuming that this is the case, Dom and Hobbs will inevitably find themselves back together fighting the same bad guys.

Tell us, though, are you hoping to see The Rock return to the franchise? Let us know down below.