Fat Thor Finally Has His Own Avengers: Endgame Action Figure


One of the most discussed topics to come out of Avengers: Endgame was the depiction of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, who took a mighty step backwards in badassery, but a mighty step forward in belt size.

Following the heroes’ failure to stop Thanos from wiping out half of the universe in Infinity War, the God of Thunder retreats and goes into a deep, beer-filled slumber. By the time Rocket Raccoon and Hulk find him, Thor’s hair has at least quadrupled in length, and his belly has increased tenfold. The man who was once arguing with Star-Lord over who looked better now had the physical characteristics of the Dude.

But, “Bro Thor,” as he’s been officially dubbed, has gained quite the fanbase. In a genre filled with super-strength aliens, and rich humans who have to fight those aliens, a lot of self-proclaimed “pudgy” folk found comfort in the character’s new representation. And it seems that appreciation’s carried over into SDCC, where it appears Thor’s new look has been given its own action figure.

Several fans have posted pictures of the plastic figuring on Twitter, and you can check some of them out down below:

I’ll give you a few details about me. I’ve been a manager and employee at a movie theater for almost two years now, and if you can believe it, no studio comes close to putting out the amount of merchandise that Marvel does. So when Avengers: Endgame began its triumphant run at our multiplex (which continues to this day), and we began selling Thor POP figures, shirts, cups, etc., I was disappointed to see no signs of Bro Thor anywhere. I figured it was a spoiler thing, so it made sense at the time. But when the spoiler-ban was lifted, and still nothing, it seemed to me Marvel wasn’t as proud of their character as they could’ve been.

But now these are here. And though we’re not exactly sure yet where or if you can even get them right now, we’ll definitely keep a look out, so stay tuned.