It’s Feeding Time In This New Promo For The Meg


It’s feeding time, folks!

With the release of The Meg (August 10th) quickly approaching, the very thought of watching Jason Statham go toe-to-toe with a prehistoric super-shark on a blistering summer night is enough to get even the most jaded moviegoer hyped. And sure enough, when the first trailer for Jon Turteltaub’s (National Treasure) sunken nightmare swam online, it delivered the teeth and testosterone. Now, Warner Bros. has smelt the blood in the water and gone in for the kill, releasing another promo to get folks excited.

Short and sweet, it shows the titular shark eyeing down an unsuspecting diver, a situation which will no doubt have a grisly outcome. Needless to say, this one’s probably going to be more of a Piranha 3D than a Jaws, but if that sounds like your brand of cheese than the pic might be the guilty pleasure you’ve been waiting for.

In addition to Statham, the blockbuster also features Ruby Rose of Orange is the New Black and John Wick: Chapter 2 fame, and Heroes star Masi Oka, along with Rainn Wilson from The Office, who looks to be on comic relief duty here. It’s a strong, eclectic line-up of talent, one which will no doubt ensure we have a good time at the theater.

Angled as a loose adaptation of Steve Alten’s Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, this deep-sea thriller has all the makings of a true guilty pleasure – picture Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage, just with one giant, impossibly large shark instead of three mutated creatures. Though we imagine Jon Turteltaub’s pic lacks the necessary star power and budget to emulate the box office success of the aforementioned actioner ($420M), it’ll still be interesting to see how The Meg fares once it darts into theaters this August. Until then, maybe it’s best you take a swimming lesson, or two.

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