Female-Centric Mob Drama The Kitchen Appoints Andrea Berloff To Direct

The Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen may be home to Daredevil and Jessica Jones, along with their many, many power-mongering adversaries, but New York’s iconic neighborhood first worked its way into popular culture as a seedy hub of rival gangs and warring mobsters all battling for control of the streets.

One such comic book miniseries that tapped into NYC’s foreboding underbelly is The Kitchen, Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle’s seedy crime saga that first hit store shelves back in 2014. As a female-driven and downright stylish drama, it didn’t take long before Hollywood studios trained their sights on Masters and Doyle’s creation and sure enough, New Line swooped in to acquire screen rights in 2016. Now, the project is finally ready to move forward with Andrea Berloff at the helm.

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop, confirming that Berloff will make her directorial debut with The Kitchen. Indeed, if Berloff’s name rings a bell, it should; the writer-director received an Oscar nomination in 2016 for co-writing Straight Outta Compton with Jonathan Herman. The Kitchen is cut from a different cloth, of course, but the buzzworthy New Line project certainly lends Andrea Berloff plenty of material to work with.

The official logline reads as so:

“When the FBI does a sweep of the mob, several men are arrested. Their wives end up taking over…and running the business much more viciously than the men ever did.”

New Line will now begin casting the net in search of The Kitchen‘s three primary female leads. It’s still early days on the adaptation, but with Berloff now at the helm, Masters and Doyle’s super-stylish comic just took one major step forward in its journey to the big screen.

Source: THR