The All-Female MCU Movie Was Blown Out Of Proportion, Says Elizabeth Olsen


Marvel fans got pretty excited last year when an all-female team-up movie based around the superheroines of the MCU started being talked about. It all began when Kevin Feige revealed that Tessa Thompson and a group of other actresses from the franchise pitched the idea to him and it turns out a huge swathe of True Believers would love for it to happen as well.

Since then, the notion has snowballed, with many of Marvel’s leading ladies, such as Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan and Pom Klementieff saying how much they’d love to be part of something like that. It’s worth remembering, though, that as much as the fans and even the cast want an all-female MCU movie, it won’t happen until Marvel Studios themselves actually move forward with the project. And it seems that this isn’t happening right now.

That’s what Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen has suggested in an interview with Variety, anyways. The actress was asked what she thought of the project on the red carpet for Infinity War‘s premiere in LA when she admitted that she knew nothing about a female-led Marvel film and believed that it was just something that had caught on in the media rather than behind the scenes.

“I think that was something that was blown out of proportion by the media. So I don’t know.”

That’s sad news for fans. For one, as wide-ranging as the MCU is, its ratio of superheroines to superheroes is still pretty lacking. What’s more, we still have yet to get a standalone female-led film – though that will finally happen in next March’s Captain Marvel. A movie featuring a team of Marvel’s toughest women – perhaps based on A-Force from the comics – would definitely go someway to fixing this major issue.

So, while Olsen’s comments are upsetting for now, maybe plans will change and the touted all-female MCU film will appear at some point in Phase Four, after all. Fingers crossed, eh?