Female-Led Mask Movie May Focus On Stanley Ipkiss’ Daughter

The Mask

The Mask franchise has laid dormant for many years, but it looks like a new sequel to the cult classic comedy superhero movie could be on the way soon. We first heard that there were plans in the works over the summer when co-creator Mike Richardson revealed that “[they] have some ideas” about how to reboot the series. In particular, he said a female-led follow-up was on its way.

We Got This Covered has since confirmed that via our sources, and now we’ve received some new details about the project. We’ve heard that it’s still only in the very earliest stages of development, but that the central idea is for the new Mask movie to follow a relative of Stanley Ipkiss, possibly his daughter – though that’s yet to be confirmed.

Ipkiss, of course, was the character Jim Carrey played in the 1994 original. And if they decide to focus on his daughter, she’d likewise find the mystical Norse mask and inherit the reality-warping powers that Stanley once had.

The Mask

Focusing on Ipkiss’ child makes sense, too, as it’s a solid way of doing a legacy sequel to the first film. However, the premise may also remind those unluckily enough to sit through it of 2005’s abysmal Son of the Mask, in which Jamie Kennedy’s Tim Avery wears the mask while conceiving a baby with his wife, which means the kid naturally possesses the Mask’s abilities. The bizarrely pitched Omen-like plot was a huge misstep, so hopefully this one won’t repeat its mistakes.

Like Richardson said, though, there are multiple ideas being entertained right now. In fact, WGTC has previously revealed that another possibility is to do a direct sequel to the original, provided they could entice Carrey to return as Ipkiss. From what we’re hearing, both projects are being independently worked on right now. Though obviously the progress of the latter totally depends on the Hollywood mega star’s involvement. And at this stage, it doesn’t seem like he’s been approached.

While we wait to learn more though about the future of The Mask, tell us, which movie would you rather see? A female-led spinoff, or a direct sequel to the original? Sound off below with your thoughts.