Will Ferrell Confirms That Zoolander 2 Is Happening


Things have gone up and down and round and round for the sequel to the hit film Zoolander. First we were hearing that the project was on hold, then that Ben Stiller was working on a script rewrite. Last month, co-writer Justin Theroux said that there is finally a completed script and Zoolander 2 is moving in the direction of actually getting made. Now, Will Ferrell has confirmed that there’s a sequel script in existence and that his character Mugatu is a part of it.

Speaking with JoBlo (via /Film), Ferrell addressed the existence of the ever-elusive Zoolander 2. Here’s what he said:

We are actually supposed to do a read-through of a sequel script soon, and Mugatu is a part of it.

It’s a short but sweet little tidbit, and once more ramps up the hope that we might actually see Zoolander 2 someday. Rumors have circulated at the script and the direction the film will take. In December, Ben Stiller explained that the Zoolander 2 plot would have to do with the speed of the fashion industry, with Derek and Hans having to reinvent themselves to become relevant again. There has likewise been some talk of the sequel being set in Europe, though that has not been confirmed and was discussed before the last group of script rewrites.

We do not yet know who will wind up directing Zoolander 2. Theroux is right now busy with The Leftovers, which means that directing duties might very well fall back into Stiller’s capable hands. Given his success with the original film, not to mention Tropic Thunder, I think that we can all get behind that.

There are no immediate plans to put Zoolander 2 into production just yet, but it’s good to hear that things are beginning to move on the film, and that Will Ferrell’s beloved villain from the original will be making another appearance.

As always, we’ll keep an ear to the ground and let you know just as soon as we hear anything more.